Ron and Teri

2007 Christmas Letter

Hello everyone! We hope you've had a wonderful 2007 and that this letter finds you healthy, happy, and wise. We also hope you got to enjoy some of the snowstorm that dumped 12 inches on us the 14th of this month! We've had a great time digging out, slipping around both on our feet and in the cars, and basically being late everywhere we go. Actually it's been pretty fun to see that heaven is still capable of producing such glorious weather, in light of global warming and all. We've been lucky in that we didn't have the power outages that came with this Midwestern storm so for us it hasn't been bad at all. We sure can use the moisture and hopefully the ground will remain white through Christmas.

Once again this year we plan to gather with family during the Holidays. On the Friday night before Christmas we'll probably go to Plainville to see Ron's family, and then on Christmas day Teri's family will celebrate at our home. We're not for certain yet who will be at Plainville from Ron's family, and the only one absent on Teri's side should be her brother Ross, who rarely is able to make it back from New York during the Holidays. Thankfully we are able to see him at least every other year, usually in the summer.

As a matter of fact we did get to see Ross late this summer. Last August our family along with Ron's dad, Bill, took a vacation to Virginia to visit with Bill's family. Then as he remained in Virginia at his sister's home (Ron's Aunt Francis and Uncle Mills) in Suffolk, the four of us went up the coast to Ross's home north of New York City and stayed with him for 4 days. From his house we journeyed to Massachusetts to Plymouth Harbor and saw Plymouth Rock among other things in New England, and then later spent a day wandering around New York City and where we saw many spectacular sites.

When we left New York and headed back to Virginia we were able to stop in at Montgomery, NY to visit the store and shop of the Orange County Choppers crew. Then we followed the east shore all the way south back to Virginia. That highway included a 17 mile, 80 minute ferry crossing of the Delaware Bay and driving over the 23 mile long Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel which connects Virginia's east shore to the mainland. On the way back Rayna bravely drove across the Bay Bridge-Tunnel which is very cool. When you come up and out of some of the tunnels you are on a bridge that appears to be in the middle of the ocean with no land in site, then back into a tunnel and then back out on a bridge and so on. It's a pretty awesome drive.

Before leaving Virginia we were able to stop in Charlottesville to see Ron's Uncle Bob and Aunt Pat, along with many more members of his family. The five of us spent about 2 weeks traveling together in our trusty old van which has taken us many places around this great country of ours.

Another of which was Minneapolis, Minnesota. In September we piled back into the van and took a long weekend trip to see the Vikings play professional football in the Metrodome. We stayed in a downtown Minneapolis hotel and not being used to such large cities those visits are always adventures in themselves. We found everything pretty fascinating from parking in multi-level garages, to walks in skyways from building to building, to even the way the window washers lowered themselves over the sides to clean the windows of those huge skyscrapers. Besides catching a good game that the Vikings won, we were able to do a lot of shopping and other fun activities in the Mall of America, which as you probably know has a full blown indoor amusement park. It also has many restaurants and other fun things like a Nascar full size race car simulator.

We are all doing well. Jesse and Rayna are both in High School now, Rayna's a freshman and Jesse is a junior. Rayna has taken pretty good to the high school life in this, her first year. She worked a job this summer for a few months at a local restaurant. Jesse plays baseball, pitches and led his Jr. Legion team with 2 home runs, which came in college stadiums no less. He enjoys his toys such as a Trans-Am car and a motorcycle. He also has a new part time job at our local McDonald's restaurant.

You already have discovered our new web site that's still a work in progress. At this website you can view a lot of photos, including some from our recent snow storm, hundreds from 2007 and many others. This summer's vacation photos are also in albums here along with new and old photos of some relatives.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Keep in touch and please let us know what's happening with you and yours. How about putting some photos up on our web site too? You are all dear to us and we think of you in the fondest ways.

Love always, Teri, Ron, Jesse, and Rayna.